Why Environmental Economics is NOT an Oxymoron

Environmental economics is NOT an oxymoron. Rather, the environment and our economic systems are extremely interconnected. Take, for instance, a market economy. In a market economy, the root causes of environmental issues are often negative externalities of market activities. For example, air pollution is an unintended consequence of manufacturing within […]

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Universities: Leaders in Fighting Climate Change

Universities have a great ability to be institutional leaders of change. This is a belief that many people hold, and it was one that Dr. Eri Saikawa, an assistant professor at Emory University, addressed during her lecture, “What Does Climate Change Mean to Us and What Can We Do About […]

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India’s Stance on Climate Change

As a developing country, India’s policymakers must balance its ability to grow economically with its efforts to combat climate change. India currently has a population of 1.324 billion and a GDP of $2.264 trillion, according to the World Bank. Although India’s carbon emissions per capita are comparatively low to that […]

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