2015 COP21 Delegation

Emory’s first delegation to COP negotiations in Paris in 2015  included two faculty and nine students.

Emory’s Delegation to the 2016 UN Climate Conference 

Eri Saikawa – an assistant professor in environmental sciences.

Wesley Longhofer – an assistant professor in business school.

Taylor McNair – a senior from West Port, Connecticut, majoring in business and environmental sciences. 

Mae Bowen – a senior majoring in environmental sciences and political science.  

Savannah Miller – a senior majoring in environmental sciences and creative writing. 

Naomi Maisel – a junior majoring in anthropology. 

Clara Perez – a junior majoring in sociology and sustainability.

Caiwei Huang – a junior majoring in interdisciplinary studies and political science.

Siyue Zong – a senior environmental sciences major. 

Samuel Budnyk – a junior majoring in comparative literature and music.

Adam Goldstein and Mark Leone – both seniors majoring in business. 

Student Experiences

Mae Bowen ’16C

“There is only so much you can learn about the process of negotiating an international agreement from a textbook. Attending the COP expanded my knowledge of the painstaking process of crafting these treaties. My appreciation for this process changed my entire academic and professional trajectory. I’ve always known that I wanted to enter public service and protect the environment, but this invaluable experience convinced me to enter law school on my way to combatting climate change on an international scale. It was truly inspiring to see that 195 nations, despite immeasurable differences, could come together and make progress on an issue which many believe to be impossible to fix. Now, I have hope.”


Taylor McNair 16B

“COP21 in Paris was undoubtedly the defining experience of my Emory education. The opportunity I received to meet and engage with academics, activists, business leaders, and politicians across the world had a profound impact on my post-graduation plans, and gave me the drive and resources to pursue opportunities in the cleantech industry.”