Geothermal Energy at Emory University

-By Ken Wakabayashi, ‘18C, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Dillon Wu, ’19C , Environmental Sciences and International Studies and Yezi Lyu, ‘18C, Environmental Sciences  

The topic of solar energy may dominate the current conversation on renewable energies, geothermal energy makes a claim as an abundant, reliable source for both energy production and heating and cooling. Geothermal heat pumps are the most popular option, accounting for about half of the global geothermal energy. They are the most feasible choice because heat pumps take advantage of the earth’s low potential thermal energy.  

The potential of geothermal energy is evident, but universities are just beginning to implement it into campus energy systems. Emory University is making its first attempt to incorporate geothermal energy into the heating and cooling infrastructure for the new Campus Life Center.